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When you visit your local grocery store or delicatessen and see the fresh meats and cheeses on display, chances are good you are looking at Boar's Head products. The quality, freshness and breadth of products are all the result of hard work by the management and employees of our company, Grand Strand Provisions, Inc., an authorized distributor of Boar's Head products. We service from the NC Brunswick County shore points through the greater Myrtle Beach, SC area. We not only provide quality delicatessen products to our customers, but high quality on-site training. We value customer service. From large grocery stores to the smallest of kitchens, we are here to service your deli needs.

This website has been created to give you, the consumer, the Deli Manager, the Retail Manager, the Deli Owner, or Chef, an insight into the over 300 products that proudly bear the Boar's Head label, from recipes to new products to meeting our staff. Grand Strand Provisions, Inc. is a multi-generation family-run business. We encourage you to delve a little deeper into our site and learn more about us, Boar's Head products, and our commitment to you.


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